Who is it for?

This program is for everyone who believes that life is too precious to be wasted on social media or procrastinating on your phone.


Students aiming to get good grades or preparing for highly competitive exams.


Professionals looking to grow and become the top 2% in their career.


Entrepreneurs aiming to grow and become the best version of themselves.

This is an advanced program which will transform your productivity in 1-month and would push you to go beyond your normal potential.

Introducing Level-up Productivity Coaching Program

1-on-1 personal coaching program to help you improve productivity, achieve goals and live a successful life.

We start with a goal that you want to achieve, and for the next 1-month we’ll do everything it takes to help you achieve your goal. Simple as that.

Here's how this productivity program is going to help you...

  • Create a 100% custom productivity system to take control of your mindset, energy, motivation and discipline.
  • Learn the PROVEN productivity strategies and implement those strategies to get MORE done in LESS time
  • Experience the power of having a mentor by your side whenever you are demotivated and not making progress on your goals
  • Instead of learning everything from scratch, learn from our experience and achieve your goals, faster.

Here's the High-level overview about what you’ll get:

  • 1-month journey to Self-improvement:
    The next 1-month is packed with value that will help you develop the right mindset and become the kind of person you have always dreamt of becoming.
  • Learn from someone who has done it himself:
    It’s not going to be fluffy motivational nonsense. Rather I will share practical strategies that I have learnt by achieving my own goals and helping thousands achieve their goals.
  • Mentor Support to guide you:
    The next time you are demotivated, you will have the support of mentors to help you overcome the productivity problems that you are facing.
  • We hold your accountable:
    Remember… how you feel low at the end of the day because you were procrastinating all day long. We will make sure that never happens by holding you accountable for your actions.
  • Make weekly progress on your goals:
    We will measure the progress you are making on your goals, on a weekly basis. We will create plans and set up systems to make faster progress on your goals.
We will be your companion to achieve your goals for the next 1-month.
Talk to a Productivity Coach

Meet Your Mentor

Hi, I am Samar Kundal 👋

I help people improve productivity and achieve their goals.

In the last 7 years, I have built 3 successful businesses. But I started as a productivity coach in 2018 when I started helping other companies on ways to improve their team productivity.

Later on, I started helping college students improve productivity and achieve their goals.

I wasn’t always a productive person. In fact, in college, I was an avid procrastinator.
I had missed a ton of opportunities because of my procrastination and poor use of time. Due to this procrastination, I had failed at 5 businesses before I learnt to take control of my time and energy.

How can I help you improve productivity?

I've learnt a lot from achieving on own goals and then helping others achieve their goals. I have created proven systems that can help anyone make progress on their goals.

I have read hundreds of books on human psychology, motivation and productivity in search of one question:
“How can someone become productive and achieve their goals?”

I have experimented with tons of productivity strategies and learnt what works and what doesn’t.

And now, I am going to share all this with you.

My goals is to empower you to become productive and achieve your goals.

Achieve your goals faster with Samar's Help

Do you want the same results as my students?

With Level-up productivity program, we are able to bring some great results for our students. Check them below.

Samar holds you accountable for the things that improve your life. I once told him that I will study at 10:00 PM in the night, and he called me at 10:00 PM to make sure that I was studying. Amazing experience. Not only productivity, my life improved.
PrateekMeerut, India
I am really 10 times more productive, more satisfied and more energetic now. I would recommend this to everyone who is feeling low and not making progress on goals. Give this guy 1 month and he would make something great out of you.
Rachna BishtChennai, India
Samar explains everything in a very simple and practical manner. He not only tells you what to do, but also why and how to do it. This 1-month was the best time of my life. Would sign up again if I ever feel demotivated.
Rachit JainBhopal, India
He is so knowledgeable. You mention a book and he has already read it. Every call with him was better than watching 10 motivational videos. He avoids the fluffy motivational nonsense and instead focuses on the practical advice and tips. Great experience.
Aadil HussainHyderabad, India
Samar sir really helped me with my stress levels. He taught me to meditate and to focus on myself daily. I was struggling to find time for myself. Always feeling stressed. When stress came into control, productivity improved and my overall life changed.
Naitik KatariaNew Delhi, India

Don’t spend another day feeling frustrated for not making progress on your goals.

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