About Samar Kundal

Our Mission

Our mission is to help people achieve their goals, reach their peak performance and make this world a more productive place.

Samar is a serial entrepreneur and a Productivity coach who has been helping people improve productivity and achieve goals for the last 5 years. He founded TheProductive with the mission to help a million people become productive and achieve goals by 2025. Alongside his responsibilities at TheProductive, he also serves as the CEO for the Taskwall (A productivity management application).

Why he founded TheProductive

TheProductive was founded as an initiative to help college students improve productivity and follow their passions in life. The seed for TheProductive was sowed in 2019, when Samar (through his recruiting company) surveyed 1000+ students to understand how many students are following their passions/goals in life. It was found that less than 2% of students had goals and have been following their goals in life.

Samar started helping those people by educating/coaching them on goals setting, productivity and overall self-improvement. TheProductive was started as the result of that initiative.

100 Books a Year projects

Samar is an avid reader and loves to feed his mind with the knowledge from people who he finds smarter than him. In 2018, while building his recruiting company (SliteResume), Samar started a personal routine to read 2 books a week. The idea behind the routine was to read more than 100 books a year.

Entrepreneurial journey

Samar came into entrepreneurship through Freelancing, while he was still in college. In 2nd year of college, Samar created a website CheapDealIndia to provide coupons for online shopping in India. It failed after 6 months of operation as the website wasn't able to make enough revenue. Before shutting down the website, it had 18000+ active/inactive coupons listed on it.

Over the period of the next 3 years, Samar started 5 different businesses. All of them failed within 3 months of starting.

But these failed businesses were enough for Samar to build a portfolio in web development and attract clients for his web development gigs. Over the next 2 years, Samar did freelancing for local/national and got his first international client in 2015. Using his clientele as a freelancer, Samar started a web development agency in the same year and in the next 2 years, it scaled to 38 employees and 1Cr+ annual revenue.

In 2017, as Samar was facing problems related to hiring for his web development agency, he started another company SliteResume with the goal to provide hiring services to organizations facing the same problems. The website has over 19000+ candidates registered as of now.

In 2018, Samar, using his experience as a productivity consultant and learnings from various productivity experiments, created an internal platform to track his team's productivity. The alpha version of the platform was finished in late 2019 and the beta was finished in May 2020. Taskwall is still in beta, but is used by 300+ organizations to help improve their team productivity.

Samar believes that every human being has the great potential and once unleashed every human being can change the world in their own ways. Taking that as the motto for TheProductive, Samar's life goal is to empower goal-oriented people and help them unleash their true potential.

You can reach out to Samar via LinkedIn, Emails or Instagram.

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